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Board of Directors

Catherine Beck, Chair
Tom Smee, Vice Chair
Ross Kerr, Secretary

Nichole Anderson Bergeron
Doris Chan
The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell
Martha Durdin
John Gerhardt

Sharon Groom
Peter Hinman
Helen Killoch
Michael J. Lockhart
Donald F. McLeod

Andrew G. Phillips
Noelle Richardson
Gilad Rom
Debra Walker, Toronto Symphony Volunteer Committee President

Toronto Symphony Foundation Trustees

Jeannine LiChong, Chair
Neal Kerr, Vice Chair
Owen Blackwell
Catherine Carlin
Natalie Ochrym

Honorary Governors' Circle

The TSO recognizes the support and dedication of leaders who have served the TSO as Board members, Trustees, and members of the Governors' Council. The following list acknowledges those who have chosen to become members of the Honorary Governors' Circle and to act as honorary ambassadors for the TSO.

Robert W. Corcoran, Co-Chair
George Lewis, Co-Chair
John L. Sherrington, Co-Chair
William J. Saunderson, FCPA, FCA, Chair Emeritus

Andrea Alexander
Richard J. Balfour
Nani Beutel
William Braithwaite
Earlaine Collins
Rags Davloor
Olga Fershaloff
John R. Gardner
Blake C. Goldring
Frances Gruber
Joyce Gutmann
Ronald Hay
Mary Heinmaa
Roberta Innes
Sheryl Kerr
Allan Kimberley
Nora S. Lever
Peter Levitt
Ana P. Lopes C.M
Eunice Lumsden
Thomas C. MacMillan
Wilmot L. Matthews
Virginia McLaughlin
Florence Minz
John Nagel
Nelly W. Ng
Heather Oda
The Honourable Bob Rae
Dr. Robert Rottapel
Kenneth G. Russell
Brian Shaw
Alan Sperling
Joan Taylor
Phil Taylor
Stephen N. Tile
Lawrence A. Ward
Robert D. Weese
Robert S. Weiss, FCPA, FCA