QUIZ: Which Jaws character are you?

Despite Jaws's infamous misbehaving mechanical shark, Steven Spielberg's summer blockbuster continues to top critical and film buff lists alike even 40 years after its release. With such an exceptional cast and an even more exceptional score by John Williams, is it any wonder its held up so well?

Aside from the titular beast, the film is filled with a frankly surprising number of memorable characters given the small population of Amity Island. From Chief Brody to Quint and Hooper and from The Mayor to that lady who doesn't think anything is funny, it's hard to pick a favourite. Answer the quiz below and find out which Jaws character is more of a personal portrait than you might think.

See the film screened in concert with the TSO March 21-23 and find out if you're still afraid to go back into the water.


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