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Quiz: “O Fortuna”


More about the answers (spoilers!)

  1. It’s been called “the most overused piece of music in film history,” but “O Fortuna” does NOT appear in which of the following films? Die Hard 2 instead made prominent use of Finlandia by Jean Sibelius.
  2. Though the musical setting is different, lyrics from “O Fortuna”, as well as other sections of Carmina Burana, appear in which video game? Lyrics from three different sections of Carmina Burana appear in the Final Fantasy VII theme “One-Winged Angel”, which is heard during the final boss fight. It was the first theme in the series to feature lyrics.
  3. “O Fortuna” appeared in three episodes of which 21st-century TV series? The selection appeared in three episodes of Glee, two episodes of How I Met Your Mother, and one episode each of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Scream Queens.
  4. Which of our fellow Canadian orchestras cheered on their NHL team’s 2015 playoff run with a reworked version of “O Fortuna”? The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra performed the customized version, which featured some clever references to the Calgary Flames roster, after the team defeated the Vancouver Canucks in the first round.
  5. “O Fortuna” has also appeared in countless commercials—advertising everything from sportswear and beer to chocolate and the US restaurant chain Applebee’s—but its earliest commercial appearance is believed to be in 1970s ads for which skin product? The chorus appeared in a 30-second advertisement for the Old Spice aftershave brand.

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